Sunday, 11 January 2009

Liquidator I

"Liquidator I" is the last work I managed to finish in 2008 year. It was a very good year for me. I managed to do some good projects in work and pretty much all were great-looking and "high profile". Moreover, I spent most of my working time painting and doing colour design so my "escape" from 3d that I planned over a year go worked :) . I was also able to put more of my own style into this year's jobs, especially BBC Olympics spot where I had so much freedom that I was basically painting what I wanted. Kudos to Pete Candeland (director) for that. Pete always leaves a lot of room for artists to contribute so if the project happens to fit you well you have a good time :)

Apart from commercial work I found some time for personal stuff and did more new pictures (still not enough though) then in any previous year since finishing fine art studies. That is a good sign as I have a lot of plans for this year and I'm looking forward to actually make them happen.

Right now I'm slowly finishing job at Nexus Productions. It's a big thing and I've done tons of painting for it so far and will do a bit more over next few weeks. The wole thing is painted and it's around 3 minutes of animation in total so You can imagine. I think we can talk about hundreds of painted elements.

Back to Liquidator... It's acrylics on 90x90cm canvas and I'm quite happy with this work. There is a second one in the making but it doesn't go as good as this one so I'm not sure when I finish it and how it's going to look. Fingers crossed...