Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Dog of Zone animation sample

"Dogs of Zone" are moving forward and here is a first animation sample that I'm satisfied with. The sound was designed by my brother Maciej Pazera.
In the end, the project is meant to be an interactive animation installation and right now I'm working on a custom software that is going to drive animation based on the input from Microsoft Kinect (XBox 360 controller and motion sensor). Yeah, I'm coming back to my programming days ;) It's early stages but already quite exciting. The next step is to put together a prototype of the application together with a simple animation sequence, possibly based around this very sample.

I embedded Vimeo video below but I highly recommend switching it to HD and watching fullscreen straight from Vimeo website. It's got far better quality this way.

Dog of Zone walkcycle from Lukasz Pazera on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Real brushwork

I don't paint too often and don't really consider myself a traditional painter but I like to grab a real brush from time to time. This painting is acrylics on canvas, 120x100 cm and can be considered a part of "Postcards From The Zone" series. It isn't very new, I did it in 2009 but wasn't really convinced about it in the beginning. It's been growing on me since and it seems to reasonate well with some of my friends who have seen it on my wall too. So here it is...