Sunday, 3 February 2008

Daido Moriyama

From time to time I go to bookshop during lunch break and look through art albums. From time to time I spot something I have to buy ;) This time it was Daido Moriyama and his "Memories of a dog". I was instantly in love with his very contrasty and grainy photo quality. I recommend this book to everyone. Impressive set of black and white images.
Moriyama seems to have published a lot of albums, they are quite expensive though. I might be going for another one as soon as I have some spare cash to spend ;)


Daniel García said...

Eyy! Me encanta tu estilo.El dibujo del lobo es precioso.
Voy a linkear tu blog con el mio.
(Siento no hablar inglés)
Un saludo

Lukasz Pazera said...

Thanks for the comment Daniel! Unfortunately I do not know Spanish but I did my best with translator hehe. I got that You like wolf picture and I'm happy to hear that!
I also read something about linking my blog and Your blog and that You do not speak english. I'm gonna link You in a minute! Thanks again.

bog_art said...

I will check if I can get the book here.. it is great the way how you still learning from other people, even if they are not illustrators..

Lukasz Pazera said...

It's definitely inspiration for me! His themes (japanese streets, people, etc.) may be "casual" to You so I'd take a look before buying (if possible). For me it's more about the form of his pictures.