Sunday, 15 March 2009

Comcast "Sing-A-Long"

The job I worked on in Nexus Productions is now online (and on air in USA). There's more information about it and video links at Motionographer . I did some color design and styleframes in project's early stages. Then, I focused on painting environment elements ranging from buildings to interiors and furniture. Hundreds of big and little things in total I think. I worked over designer Chris Martin's drawings putting color, texture and shading on top of his black and white work. Unfortunately, my name (and whole CG team in fact) is not listed in Motionographer credits :(.
You can also watch a whole thing and play some games, etc. directly at Comcast Town website.


kevin said...

oh man no way! i JUST saw this on tv the other day and was wondering who worked on it. i knew it must be some top notch artists!

bog_art said...

Great color work my friend!.. It looks like sim city!

Lukasz Pazera said...

thanks guys :) Loooong time Kevin, how's your new book doing?